Monday, November 9, 2009

08 . 08 . 2009 ( Dad ilysfdm )

My dad pass away because of Heartattack on Hospital Besar Selayang Selangor.

I always try to let you proud that u have a little guy like me .
But , im sorry dad :( .
I know that im stupid because i'm too busy with my work .
But i have a great reason for that dad .
I want u hear about me from someone else that im success make u proud .
I know you don't want me to sad .
But dad , i still keep all of the words and memories that u had with me .
I promise dad , that i will be like you one day .
You're still in my heart FATHER .
Your spirit still with me FATHER .
And i miss you so much FATHER .

p/s : sebenarnye ni bapak angkat aku dari kecik .
dia yang bela aku sampai la aku dewasa :)
aku rindu dia doeh :( .

Ahmadah Bin Hassan
31 May 1947 - 08 Aug 2009 .
Age 62 Years Old .

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