Sunday, November 14, 2010

I've change because just get to you back .

I'm counting day by day .
Keep missing you without any message or call .
I knew u're happy with someone .
And, it takes an a year for me .
I try to forget you , and i try to love someone new .
But,it's same . means wasted .
Lot's of promise without any meaning for me by others when i tried.
Nahh it's mean lying lying and lying .
Even you go to someone that u love till u get hurt .
I always try to wait for you .
I've tottaly change because i need a fight back to get ur love .
Many things i hide from u,i be a 'ACTOR' just for let you feel comfortable .
But,i scare to tell u that i always waiting for you .
Why i keep scold you?
Because to much stupid things that you do just for a guy whois cheating and just make u as a 'PUPPET' .
Now,u story to me about everything shit that he do to you .
And i knoe u still love him as a deeply in ur heart .
I still believe that u're never forget on my 'PROMISE' that i will love you and treat u nicely .
Just take in time to get with you back .
If you going back to that guy , i must to continue support u to be happy with him :)
Smile's are not everything for me and heart still bleeding .

♥Sid .
p/s : i promise that i will do ! I've change M!

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